Venus AI Box is based on the Ambarella CV2 advanced computer chip with a wide range of applications: robotics, IoT, drones, ADAS, and many more. 

Leopard Imaging successfully leveraged the Ambarella CV2 platform to achieve powerful computer vision performance and combined it cost-efficiently with full SoC functionality.

Venus AI Box supports advanced computer vision,  image processing, 4Kp60 video encoding, and stereovision in a single box. It delivers up to 20 times the deep neural network performance of Ambarella’s first generation CV1 chip. 

Empowered by Ambarella CV2’s CVflow architecture, Venus AI Box advanced image processing with HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing delivers outstanding imaging even in low light and from high contrast scenes. Its highly efficient 4Kp60 AVC and HEVC video encoding supports the addition of video recording to automotive ADAS and self-driving systems and enables the design of both multi-stream and multi-imager IP security cameras. CV2 includes a full suite of advanced security features to prevent hacking, including secure boot, TrustZone™ and I/O virtualization.

A complete set of tools is provided to help customers easily port their own neural networks onto the CV2 SoC. This includes compiler, debugger and support for industry standard training tools including Caffe™ and TensorFlow™, with extensive guidelines for CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) performance optimizations.






Key Features

Muti-Channel ISP with up to 800
M/pixels Input Frame

Deep Learning Support

1.2 GHz CPU with 1MB L2 ca
16GB Internal NAND
Flash 1 Micro SD Card Interface
Memory: 4-GByte LPDDR4/4X
SDRAM @ 1.8 GHz

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