Leopard Imaging TOF Cameras

Leopard Imaging and Microsoft Collaborate to Develop
Time-of-Flight (ToF) Cameras

Leopard Imaging and Microsoft’s Azure Depth Platform program are working together to develop ToF cameras, aimed at democratizing cloud-connected 3D vision. In this collaboration, Leopard Imaging is developing 3D industrial cameras, which can securely connect with Azure Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud platforms for a broad set of technologies and industry solutions.
Leopard Imaging will leverage Microsoft’s ToF technology with solutions in retail, physical security, healthcare, drones, IoT, robotics, and automotive industries—reinventing camera-imaging experiences for customers around the world.

Time of Flight Technology Overview

A ToF camera measures how long it takes for light to bounce off an object. Using this principle, the camera calculates the distance to all objects in a scene.
This point cloud data is used to compute and create a three-dimensional (3D) map of the object space. Thus, ToF cameras are also referred to as “depth cameras.”
Unlike stereo 3D methods, no image contrast is necessary, and ToF systems exhibit excellent mechanical robustness.

Applications and Industries


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