26mmx26mm USB 3.0 Camera module with 12M HD RAW data real time streaming based on Sony IMX226 Color Sensor, support 4K2K resolution


Camera Specification
USB 3.0 Camera Datasheet
USB 3.0 Camera Setup Guide

Sony IMX226 12M pixels CMOS Color
CS / M12 lens mount support (Default: M12 lens)
RAW data USB 3.0 real time streaming
USB 3.0 interface
Active pixel:4168Hx3062V
Frame rate: 10fps@12M Resolution
Optical format:1/1.7"
Pixel size:1.85x1.85um
Power: USB 3.0 +5VDC power source
Compact size:26mmx26mm

SDK Supported
Source Code in C#
OpenCV supported through Emgu
RAW to RGB Conversion
Save file as BMP & RAW format

Machine Vision
Medical Camera
Scientific Camera