Camera Specification
AR0521 GMSL2 Fakra Box Camera Datasheet
Default Version:
The default GMSL2 lens is unglued, which helps our customers to adjust the focus and/or change the lens.

ON Semiconductor AR0521 5.1M
Output Raw data
Support 9V - 19V Power
MAX9295A Serializer
LensFOV H 86°
Active pixel: 2592H x 1944V
Optical format: 1/2.5"
Pixel size: 2.2um x 2.2um
Size: 30 x 30 x 48mm
Camera Part#: LI-AR0521C-GMSL2-086H
USB3.0 Kit Part#: LI-USB30-AR0521C-GMSL2-086H

USB 3.0 EVA Kit SDK Supported
Source Code in C#
Capture & Display

Video Surveillance
High Dynamic Range Imaging

AR0521 USB 3.0 Serial Camera Kit
Kit Part#: LI-USB30-AR0521C-GMSL2-xxxH
Power over Cable: +12VDC Power Supply
Single Coax Cable transmit up to 12 meters PoC
UVC compliance
Kits include:1. Serial Camera: LI-AR0521C-GMSL2-xxxH
2. DeSer board: LI-GMSL2-DESER (MAX9296A Deserializer)
3. USB 3.0 Controller: LI-USB30-CNTL
4. Fakra Coax Cable
5. USB3.0 cable
6. 12VDC power supply

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