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LI-OV10640-490-GMSL HDR GMSL Serial Camera


LI-OV10640-490-GMSL HDR GMSL Serial Camera

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Camera Specification
OV10640+OV490 GMSL Fakra Box Camera Datasheet

OV10640 with OV490 HDR Sensor
Tuned YUV data Coax Serial real time streaming
Support WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
Built-in ISP: OV490
MAX96705 Serializer
Lens: FOV H 115
GMSL Serial Coax Interface with PoC
Waterproof Fakra Interface Box
OV490 for HDR YUV Streaming
Active pixel: 1280H x 1080V
Frame rate: 30fps
Optical format: 1/2.56"
Pixel size: 4.2x4.2um
Power: PoC +4 ~ 12VDC power source
Compact size: 30mmx30mmx20mm
Part#: LI-USB30-OV10640-490-GMSL-115H

USB 3.0 EVA Kit SDK Supported
Source Code in C#
Capture & Display

Automotive Camera
Camera monitoring system
Surround view system

OV10640-490 Camera Kit 
Transmit 15 meter 1280x1080@30fps video through
Automotive Camera
Kit Part#: LI-USB30-OV10640-490-GMSL-xxxH
Power over Cable: +5VDC
Kits include:
Serial Camera: LI-OV10640-490-GMSL-xxxH
DeSer board: LI-TESTER-NV
USB 3.0 Controller: LI-USB30-CNTL
Fakra Coax Cable

OV10640+OV490 Camera with Cable