Thermal Imaging Camera

Non-contact Temperature Measurement and Mask Detection

Real-time Mass Screening

Data Privacy Protection

Help Students and Teachers Safely Return to School

Screening for Elevated Body Temperature

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our lives unprecedentedly. To help defeat the virus, Leopard Imaging is contributing its technology expertise, innovation, and resources to Venus and Sirius Thermal Imaging Camera,Help Students and Teachers Safely Return to School

Compare to Traditional Temperature Measuring Methods

Waste of Time and High Risks for both Students and Teachers

Leopard Imaging can help you

Identifyinng Students In Different Situations

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Model Sirius

Model Venus

Product Features

Cost Efficiency

High Accuracy

User-Friendly Interface


Leopard Imaging Thermal Imaging Camera comes with state-of-the-art patent technology to provide real-time mass temperature, facial recognition, and mask detection quickly and accurately without contact. Our cameras can be easily installed in various public environments: airports, factories, office buildings, etc.

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