Leopard Imaging, a global high-tech company that provides high-definition embedded cameras, today announced the launch of two new camera solutions for the NVIDIA Jetson platform, the Leopard ROB-CAM and Leopard X-CAM, along with AWS support for its AICam video camera at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2019.

Leopard is an NVIDIA Jetson Preferred Partner and has a track record of developing various types of camera solutions, including those that support stereo depth mapping for embedded machine vision applications, cameras used to enable autonomous cars as well as cameras for consumer products.

NVIDIA has enabled Leopard Imaging with the Jetson camera toolchain to address the camera system needs on the Jetson Embedded platform.

Leopard ROB-CAM

The Leopard ROB-CAM is a camera kit that leverages NVIDIA Jetson Nano, a new small, powerful AI computer, and the Leopard Imaging IMX219 module. It’s now easy and cost-effective for customers to bring unique camera products to market.

The kit can support four IMX219 CSI cameras or one 4-lane CSI standard Leopard camera. To raise the Jetson Nano’s camera performance, an AI library, LeopardLib, from Leopard is also included.

Customers can now create machine learning and deep learning solutions in a cost-effective way with the ROB-CAM camera kit.

Leopard X-CAM

Leopard is also announcing the Leopard X-CAM, a camera kit that leverages NVIDIA’s high-performance Jetson AGX Xavier.

The kit includes Leopard Imaging’s latest camera adapter boards, which can support either four 4-lane CSI cameras or eight 2-lane CSI cameras. It also leverages Leopard Imaging GMSL2 serializer cameras.

This kit along with Leopard technologies empowers a new generation of smart edge camera devices.

Introducing the LeopardLib AI Library

 LeopardLib, a Leopard AI library, is prebuilt inside the Leopard ROB-CAM and X-CAM camera kits. This AI library will maximize the ability of the Jetson Nano and Jetson AGX Xavier on both CPUs and GPUs. Customers with Leopard’s cameras and LeopardLib can easily create machine learning or deep learning solutions. By the end of March, LeopardLib will be applied to all Leopard Jetson family camera kits.

Machine Learning Enabled byLeopard AICam with Amazon Web Services

Leopard’s AICam video camera has integrated AWS edge computing and machine learning services, AWS IoT Greengrass and Amazon SageMaker Neo. Additionally, it is preinstalled with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams (KVS). This will support secure video streams from connected devices to AWS for analytics, machine learning, inference, playback, and other data processes. Leopard’s AICam powered by NVIDIA GPUs will be the cornerstone in any edge-to-cloud industrial and smart city solution.

AICam is based on the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 embedded processor and can support six synchronized cameras up to 4K resolution. It takes advantage of the serializer link where the camera can be more than 12 meters away from the Jetson TX2 processor.

Leopard AICam leveraging AWS allows the camera owner to add smart analytical functionalities. This solution will be available to the whole Leopard AICam family starting March 18, 2019.

AWS helps Leopard AICam bring a revolutionary service to the market. Optimizing the use of advanced cloud and AI technologies that makes the AICam seamlessly smart within seconds.