A ToF camera measures how long it takes for light to bounce off an object. Using this principle, the camera calculates the distance to all objects in a scene. This point cloud data is used to compute and create a three-dimensional (3D) map of the object space. Thus, ToF cameras are also referred to as “depth cameras.” Unlike stereo 3D methods, no image contrast is necessary, and ToF systems exhibit excellent mechanical robustness.

Leopard Imaging has a wide range of technological applications and a strong track record of developing 3D ToF cameras. The company launched various high-definition embedded cameras with IoT solutions and edge device support. Its products have helped customers reduce operating costs significantly—increasing precision and improving reliability.


An Elite Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network, Leopard Imaging develops ToF cameras based on a wide variety of imaging sensors compatible with the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier platform. This includes hardware and software development, image tuning, and one-stop shop customization services for developers and customers. Leopard Imaging’s ToF cameras, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, are also available on Jetson AGX Orin.

Leopard Imaging has a wide range of imaging solutions and a strong track record of developing 3D ToF cameras. With the NVIDIA Jetson platform, Leopard Imaging ToF cameras empower autonomous driving, robotics, IoT, drones, and other edge AI related industries. Leopard Imaging equips the imaging quality with Active Alignment (AA) technology through its manufacturing and its full integration services.

Key Features


Facial Recognition

Robot Navigation

3D Reconstruction

Gesture Recognition

Human-Machine Interaction