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Product Description
Leopard Imaging Inc offers highly optimized embedded USB camera development kit based on TI DaVinci TMS320DM368 video processor technology for the video communication market to enable developers to speed through the design process as well as reducing overall bill of material costs. The Kits' small form factor allow OEMs to easily embed a camera with video capabilities directly into their end products for more interactive and convenient video communications.
This kit can be bought with an Aptina 5M Sensor MT9P011 (Part #: DM368EUCDK-MT5) or an OmniVision Sensor OV9712 (Part #: DM368EUCDK-OV9712).

Both kits contain the accessories listed below:
  • Webcam Enclosure Assembly
  • DM36x Main Board
  • Sensor Module (Depended on the kit chosen)
  • 2 Microphones
  • USB Cable
  • Communication Board for Debugging
  • L-Bracket
  • Serial Adapter Cable
  • +5VDC Power Adapter

  • Main Features

  • TI TMS320DM368 processor
  • High quality HD image
  • Dual stream UVC/UAC
  • 720p30 H.264 + QVGA MJPEG compression streams
  • Scalability up to 1080p30 withHW/SW compatible
  • Built-in advanced video processing: noise filtering, image stabilization, face detection/tracking
  • 128MB DDRII and 16MB NOR flash
  • Small form factor PCB (1" x 3")
  • Benefits
  • Low electronics bill of materials
  • Short development cycle with:
    • Complete and optimized schematics
    • Gerber files
    • Free Linux application source code
  • Application layer available for complete customization
  • Video/audio codec configurable to meet specific system needs
  • Standard USB driver
  • Highly integrated image sensor module
  • Rich peripherals on communication board: JTAG, Serial, Network, Video, and Audio


    Software License Agreement (SLA): In order to get the source code, the SLA has to be signed and returned to Leopard Imaging either by email at or by fax to (408) 217-1960. A FTP access point will be set up upon the SLA signed for source code downloading.

    Software License Agreement (SLA): SLA.pdf
    How to Run Pre-Installed DEMO Program: Procedure.pdf
    DM36xEUCDK Getting Started Guide: Getting Started Guide.pdf

    For more information, contact:
    Tel (USA): (408) 263-0988
    Tel (China): +86-21-6412-2298 x 806
    Fax: (408) 217-1960